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How rental pocket wifi work Easy to begin

You handle the booking. We take care of the rest.

Rent The Devices

You can rent any of our products for your traveling on our web. Fill the forms as you travel and let us know where you want to get the devices and also drop off the devices. All of these informations are for making everything much more easy. Be sure, we will not need to even talk. (We do not accept cash payments)


You informed us by the form about where ever you want to pick up and drop off our products. We will bring you the devices with a little traveler bag. All the devices will be inside of it. It will be so easy to handle it.

Pick Up Your Devices
Turn On Your Devicee

Turn on the devices and feel free to browsing. All you need to do is; turn on Pocket Wifi and wait untill it opens permanently. You should see the operator name on screen. If all is done; it is done! You are ready to go.


If you are using your mobile or tablet device, you can open the camera and scan the QR Code behind our devices. It will be so easy to connect our devices. You will have a notification up. Tap it and go "Join"! That's all. For other products like laptops; all the informations are handled behind of the device. Search for device name and fill the password. You are connected.

Search & Connect
Drop Off Your Devices

After having great experience; time to leave the devices with bag to us. As you filled the form; leave the devices us on your Drop Off point. Also you can leave our products to the contracted places too. You do not charge the products or do anything before you bring it to us. Just be sure everything is included as we give you.