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General Questions

Pocket Wifi provides you cheap and premium unlimited internet without needing any extra process. Take it, put it your pocket and use it anywhere! Enjoy your traveling.
Yes, you can rent our Pocket SIM Cards. But it is only allowed for data (internet) usage. You can easily use it with your own devices like tablet or phone.
Our devices has powerful network that you can use it with your friends or family. You can connect up to 32 people!
You can go anywhere you wish and use our Pocket Wifi in Turkey. Also we have some meetings with leading mobile telecom operators to provide you our premium services in ANY COUNTRY soon!
We are guarantee that you will not be charged for extra payments. (If there is no lost or damaged products)
We are only providing internet usage. But of course you can use all your apps to call or send message to any one.
We offer premium service for our customers. Your privacy is our top priority. We do not collect any data from you. When you use our products you can feel free to use it like your own.
All our products are premium products for fast connection and multi sharing. For each lost, stolen or broken Pocket Hotspot device, you are charged by €300. You can take out insurance for any trouble that may happen. Insurance is an option that you can get for each device. Insurance price is €25 for Pocket Hotspot device and it applies to your whole renting time. If you lost or broke the device while having an insurance, you will be charged only €75 extra. You can get more detailed information in Terms And Conditions.
Yes, you can easily extend your renting time. We created a great user panel for our registered customers. You can extend your renting period in you user panel whenever you want.
There is no limit. You can reserve your Pocket Wifi for any time limit. 1 to more. It is all up on you.
Yes, we have good offers for +7 day rentings. You can also see the discount difference on shopping cart.
Everything is clear and transparent. There is no hidden cost. Everything is included in the price. What you see in the cart page is what you will be paying.
We provide the best option for you. You do not need to think about it. Just enjoy your travel.

Payment and Cancellation

You can easily pay with any credit card or debit card. Our payment system is highly secured by our trusted partner. PayPal is not an allowed payment gateway in Turkey since 2016. But you can use PayPal for other countries.
Yes, you can easily cancel your orders without any charge. If you canceled your order last day we will take % 15 of your payment because of logistical reasons.
Also, if you have started using our device and decided to go back to your home; you can still cancel your service. If you ordered 5 days and used 2 days; other 3 days will be refunded.
For your security and protection you should always pay on our offical website


It depends on where you are traveling to. For more information you can get in touch with our premium support team.
For now you can only use it in Turkey. We are working on to increase our coverage to all over the world. Just relax and wait for our premium service to reach out to you.
You can use our devices in all cities. If you have more questions; just write us over any support service.


Airports, designated points, hotels, or any home addresses are in our delivery options. You can fill all of these details on your checkout cart.
If your delivery option changes please contact with us over any support method. We will be happy to help you. Just be sure to reach out to us 1 day before delivery.
Any time. We have no limits for time. Just let us know what time will you be at arrival.


You can leave it when you are going to Passport Control Point in Airport or when you are leaving your Hotel. Just be sure you put entrust details on your reservation info.