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Our Short Story Know About Pocket Wifi

As a traveler; we know very well how important the internet is for a traveler. So we set out to ensure that all travelers like us get the most appropriate service of high quality. Our team consists of highly specialized software developers, designers, economists, travelers and engineers. Our experts in all these different fields are working to give you the best service. We are continuing our efforts to carry this quality service to the world.We are planning to open our office in Dubai, London, New York, Paris and various Asian cities by carrying our adventure started in Istanbul to all countries of the world.

We are aware that travelers carry the excitement of sharing in their hearts. And we are here to offer you the best service in this regard.

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Worldwide Coverage
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Sutisfied Customers

How We're Different So why should you choose Pocket Wifi?

We aim to give you a great experience with our premium products and services while you are enjoying your holiday. And we've edited all our investments to give you a premium experience. The services we provide are designed to make you feel completely private, beyond being ordinary.

Expanding Our Hotel Network

We are making some deals and creating partnership programs with hotels. In that way our customers will be able to reach our products more easy.

Travel Anywhere

We are focusing on to be able to usable in any place in the world. For now; you can use our products in all cities in one country.

Get Your Pocket Wifi Anywhere

You can easily have our products in anywhere. When you are away from delivery points you are still have chance to have our products with cheap prices.